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2206 Cornwall St.
Unit 12
Regina, SK, S4P2K9


Before Booking Note:


The most important aspect of a massage is the patient and therapist are comfortable.  I am very open and pride myself on tailoring each person's experience directly for their needs.

Cancellations Policy

Please note each appointment requires 24h notice prior to cancellation.  Canceling your appointment without providing 24h notice will result in a $25 appointment cancellation fee.

Lateness Policy

Any lateness counts as massage time used.  For example: If you're 10 minutes late for a 60 minute appointment you will get only 50 minutes, however the full appointment must be paid for.

Appointments over 10 minutes will be required to reschedule or pay missed appointment fee.  

Sickness Policy

Both massage therapists and clients are vulnerable to infection.  If you are sick please contact me as soon as possible by text or email to reschedule your appointment.


As of current, I have made a decision that I am moving from the province. As such I am no longer taking on new patients and my operating hours are limited. If you wish for an appointment please fill out the information below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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